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The Latest Stupid Human Trend That can Cause Serious Or Fatal Injury (VIDEOS)

The Latest Stupid Human Trend That Can Cause Serious Or Fatal Injury (VIDEOS)

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The new ‘trend’ of the Tik Tok platform has gone viral in several countries of the world and can lead to serious injuries.

Police have condemned a viral game by spreading through social networks among fears that could kill children who practice it.

The mania warnings, nicknamed Rompcráneos in Spanish, which means “Skull Breaker” in English, came to Europe after the children of South America filmed in action.

The game, which is said to have gone viral after being shared in the TikTok app, involves two young men who lose their balance of a third while jumping into the air.

The filming of a school in Venezuela showed a boy falling to the ground after both sides of him kicked him while they jumped off the ground.

The first reports, which had not been confirmed by the school involved, indicated that it was ending in intensive care.
Other children were filmed risking their lives by participating in the trick and the police in Spain began to warn about the game after the videos crossed the Atlantic.

The local police in the city of Granada, in southern Spain, said in a tweet a photo that was later deleted: “This game is going around in some schools.

“We would like to warn our followers to share this message in order to avoid practices so dangerous that they can cause serious injuries to children.

The school in which a video showing a young man crashing into the ground and crashing the back of his head against the concrete was identified as Santo Tomás Aquino in Venezuela.

The school said in a tweet earlier this week: “Recently, a video that shows some students of our school participating in a game that supposedly jeopardizes the safety of one of the children has gone viral in the networks social. average.

“The school signs are clearly visible in the video.”

He added: “That is why the students and their respective representatives were summoned today to a meeting with the directors of the schools to begin the corresponding procedures.”

The school previously said it would take the “relevant preventive and corrective measures” about the accident, but did not specify exactly what action it had taken.

Other children also uploaded videos that show them practicing the same fashion.
In one, a child suffered a wrist injury after being raised in front of a crowd that had gathered around the playground.

Earlier this week, teenagers were warned that the game Penny Challenge, which is said to have started on TikTok, could kill.

It involves young people connecting part of a charger to a wall before touching the exposed posts with a penny to create a spark.
Michael Clusker, head of the Cumbria de Carlisle fire station, said: “The result is that someone will be seriously injured.”

A social media user said about Skullbreaker’s madness: “Warn your children, grandchildren and grandchildren about the new game that is being developed. Broken skulls and serious brain damage can be some of the consequences.”



Source: El Popular

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