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Amazon adjusts the outlook for its in-car Echo setup

Amazon adjusts the outlook for its in-car Echo setup

With time running out quickly on 2018, all of a sudden Amazon has started to deliver a bunch of the Alexa-connected devices which it had announced in the month of September. However, it looks more and more as if the Echo Auto which links its virtual assistant to the stereo of your car won’t be one of them. Despite some of the flip-flopping by Amazon’s website, Newz Wave notes that the product page has changed recently, and instead of saying that invitations for a pre-release program will be going out this year, it simply allows all its users to get their names on a list.

One more adjustment is known to be in its potential support for navigation apps. While it earlier promised support for Apple Maps, Google Maps and Waze, it is now able to specify that support for the latter two will be arriving in the year 2019, probably at some point after the hardware is first released. You’ll also see a support page that lists phones that definitely won’t work with it, so we have bad news for all people who are hoping to link their Nexus 4 to the device.

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