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Burger King launches five new ‘Impossible Whopper’ meal boxes in the US

Burger King launches five new ‘Impossible Whopper’ meal boxes in the US

McDonald’s Happy Meals are a huge hit and extremely popular among its customer base. However now, also entering the race is Burger King who announced about it launching new ‘Real Meals’ boxes which allows the customers to make their purchase depending on how they feel.

On Wednesday, the burger chain announced a new campaign which includes five new ‘Impossible Whopper’ meal boxes- the Blue Meal, the Pissed Meal, the YAAS Meal, the Salty Meal as well as the DGAF Meal- which will be sold across select US locations including Seattle, Austin, Los Angeles, Miami as well As New York City.

A video clip was also released by Burger King on Wednesday related to the upcoming campaign which features several millennial aged stars giving their opinion on student loans and a few other unhappy emotions, with the ‘Feel Your Way’ song playing in background.

While the new campaign seems like a blow at McDonald’s, there is also a serious reason behind it. As per The Drum, May is the month of Mental Health Awareness which is why Burger King decided to get associated with a non-profit organisation, Mental Health America for its campaign.

Notably, people will be able to avail the five new ‘Real Meal’ boxes at the selection locations till supplies last.

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