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Candyman: The Man Who Delivers Poisoned Candy on Halloween

The legends that circulate in most cities around the world are sinister, but today we are going to tell you a story that dismayed an American community.

The Candyman came after a child died while eating a sweet poisoned with cyanide during Halloween.

On October 31, 1974, Timothy O’Bryan, 8, had gone to dinner with the family of one of his friends and was eager to go out and order sweets along with his little sister Elizabeth, 5, but he didn’t know That would be his last day alive.

Ronald O’Bryan lived in Deer Park, Texas, and worked as an optometrist in his city. He had also been a deacon of the local Baptist church and belonged to the choir, but what his neighbors and relatives ignored was that this man was full of debts.

Ronald owed more than 78 thousand dollars (almost a million and a half pesos) thanks to his business and came up with a macabre idea to solve his economic trouble on Halloween.

Little Timothy received some candy from his father, who said that a neighbor had given them to him in his absence and the naive boy shared his friend Jim.

The celebration came to an end with the rain and the little ones had to go home.

Before falling asleep, Timothy begged his father to let him eat some candy and Ronald decided to unwrap one of the Pixies Sticks that the stranger had given him, but seconds after his son took them, he began to convulse and died when he was transferred to hospital.

The authorities discovered that the candy he had eaten was poisoned with potassium cyanide, so they proceeded to interrogate Timothy’s father, who told the same story that a neighbor had given them to him, so they collected all that the late Timothy distributed among his friends; Fortunately none of the children had ingested the Pixies Sticks.

After arduous investigations, the Police discovered that Ronald had tried to collect the insurance policy the day after Timothy’s death, so he was charged with murder and four charges of attempted murder, but pleaded not guilty.

O’Bryan said until the last of his days that a mysterious stranger was to blame for his son’s death and this story was popularizing in the community and expanding to other regions such as The Candyman.

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