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Company offers $100k to live without smartphone for a year

Company offers $100k to live without smartphone for a year

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – You could have a chance to win $100,000 by ditching your smartphone for 1 complete year.

The challenge has actually been presented by Vitaminwater, as per CNBC. Those who wish to participate must submit a post on Instagram or Twitter that includes the hashtags #contest and #nophoneforayear. An outline of what you would be doing if you could not use a smartphone for a year should also be included.

Submissions are due 8th of January, 2019 and one contestant will be selected around 22nd of January.

But there are a few rules.

The contestant who is chosen will be given a cell phone from 1996-era but will not be able to use a smartphone or tablet for the duration of the said challenge – which includes devices which belongs to other people. Laptops, desktop computers, as well as devices like Amazon Echo and Google Home are allowed.

In order to verify the honesty of the contestant, Vitaminwater said that they must submit to a lie-detector test before finally receiving the cash prize.

If the person is able to finish out the year, they’ll be receiving the full $100,000. 6 months will be resulting in a lesser $10,000 reward. Anything less than 6 months and the person will not be getting nothing.

Vitaminwater said that they are hoping that the experiment challenges monotony, and will encourage the participant to do something unique with their time instead of sitting and scrolling.

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