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Ryan Reynolds says Deadpool 3 is in development

There is a good news for Ryan Reynolds fans and bad news as well! There are chances that Deadpool is in making and soon to be released. Now the bad news is we fear that it might be the last movie of the franchise. 


Number 3 seems lucky for the Reynolds lately. Recently he became the father of his third child and now he announced the third installment of Deadpool franchise. But is it really true?


The lead actor further said that it will go into a completely different direction. Now we are not sure what does he mean by different direction. Some people are predicting that it might be the end of the franchise. On the other hand fans are expecting it might mean that the movie will be a great surprise and not just end with the third part. 


Everybody knows that Fox company under which the two initial parts were produced has been acquired by Disney. Fox studio has made all the X-Men films till now. Now this acquisition has left Deadpool 3 in an awkward position. It is not sure how Disney would go ahead with the franchise and here Ryan is talking about some big changes to the series. But we are still positive as the way he spoke about the movie seems encouraging.


Initially it was a plan that Deadpool will be merged with Avenger universe which did not happen for good.  It should and it is having its own universe which is kept separated because of having R rated content. Reynolds is playing Deadpool characters since a decade starting from X-Men origins Wolverine. He said that if they are mixing Deadpool and Avengers, it would be quite messy and things might not turn out in a good way. They might be few cameos where Deadpool can be a part of Avengers but merging it completely with Avengers is not a good idea. It deserves a separate universe.


Deadpool 2 was overall a good success but it wasn’t able to be as successful as the first movie. It was criticised for the repeated jokes from the first movie and even the storytelling was not appreciated much. 


Apart from Ryan’s announcement we did not get any official confirmation about the movie. So it is still a rumour up in the air for now. 


Although the CEO of Disney Bob Iger had said that he is okay to make more R-rated Deadpool movies in future which is a positive sign for fans. 


We can’t say what will be the future of Deadpool 3. But everybody loves the character and the movie deserves another sequel indeed for which fans are eagerly waiting. So hopefully Reynolds is telling the truth as the character is too popular to not have the third installment. Let’s wait until the official confirmation comes into the media. 


But what about the major surprise? Let us know what is your prediction about the expected major change in the comments below. Subscribe to newzwave for more latest updates.

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