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Did Trump Give the Finger to the Female Astronauts?

A video of US President Donald Trump making a possible finger of honor to female astronauts became viral during the weekend.

Several citizens wonder whether the US president intentionally uses his middle finger to replace his hair during his interview with Christina Koch and Jessica Meir.

The video, dating from Friday, shows an interview between Trump and the two female astronauts who made the first outing in the 100% female space.

Released in full on the C-SPAN YouTube channel, an excerpt from the video where one of the astronauts contradicts the president catches the eye.

“And this is the first time a woman comes out of the space station,” says Donald Trump as he offers congratulations to both women live from space.

Information quickly corrected by one of the astronauts, Jessica Meir.

“First, we do not want to take too much credit because there have been several women” space walkers “before us. It’s just the first time two women have been out in space at the same time.

That’s when Trump uses his middle finger to replace his hair. A gesture that remains free to interpretation.

Watch the long version of the video below as well as the short clip posted to Twitter by Shannon Watts.



Source: Tvanouvelles


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