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European Court Rules in Favour of Google in Two Cases.

The right to oblivion is limited only to the European territory and the law linked to press summaries is left without effect.

The European Court of Justice ruled in favour of Google in two precedent-setting cases for the use of information on the Internet.

The first one, related to the right to forget. Ten years after it was established that Europeans can request the removal of search results linked to their name, European justice has considered that “a search engine is not obliged to remove links in all versions”. In other words, it cannot do this in the whole world; it is only limited to the European Union.

The court specifies that this is not an absolute right’, but is subject to the principle of proportionality’. It makes it clear that respect for private life and data protection must be balanced with freedom of information.

The second case relates to a law passed by Germany in 2013 that obliges Google to pay newspapers for the use of all or part of their content as a description of a page or image in the search engine.

The European Court of Justice has concluded that this law is not applicable because it was not previously communicated to the European Commission. By not doing so, it is feasible to “invoke its inapplicability”.


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