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Girl Raises 300 Thousand Dollars to Help the Forest Fires in Australia by Selling her Nude Pictures

With the images and videos that the recent forest fires in Australia have left us, more and more people are trying to help the situation not get worse than it already is, especially knowing that from September to January, these accidents have already claimed the lives of millions of animals and consumed several hectares of forest.

Of course, everyone helps as their possibilities allow.

From the effort made by some celebrities such as the children of the late “Crocodile Hunter” – who have already saved 90 thousand animals that were affected, through millionaire donations from artists such as P!NK and Nicole Kidman, to “small donations” Of other people, in the end everything being added together.

But without a doubt, who found a very ingenious way to get money to help eradicate forest fires, was a young woman from Twitter, who exchanged her nudes  by donations to any of the organizations, they are fighting to save animal life and extinguish the fire in Australia.

This is the user @lilearthangelk, who on January 3 spread this generous and unusual exchange on his Twitter account.

“I am sending nudes to each person who donates at least $10 (dollars) to any of these fundraisers for forest fires in Australia,” the young woman wrote in a tweet, detailing that every 10 dollars were interchangeable for a photo of her as God brought her to the world.

No one imagined it, but the tweet had an impressive response.

Only a few hours later, the girl updated that they had reached to donate 7 thousand dollars, and incidentally even showed some people who passed the donation receipt to receive several nudes for only 10 dollars paid, something she called “the lowest of the low.”

By January 4, the tweeter updated the money count and explained that she had already raised $10,000 and was still missing hundreds of messages, with proof of donations, without checking.

At the end of the day, he managed to raise 60 thousand dollars and barely carried 20% of the direct messages answered.

And well, around 11 am on Sunday, January 5, the young woman confirmed that she was already carrying 300 thousand dollars, which she managed to get by selling her nudes that were paid with donations of 10 to 5 thousand Dollars.

In the replies to the original tweet, several people have applauded his initiative, stating that this woman has done more for the situation in Australia than many of the celebrities who only dedicate themselves to tweet who feel bad about what is happening there, and that by stretching their hand they could do a lot more to improve the situation.


See the Twitter posts below:


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