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Internet Users Mock the Design of Cybertruck, The New ‘Van of the Future’ by Elon Musk

The co-founder and general manager of the Tesla company, Elon Musk, presented the expected futuristic electric truck Cybertruck on Thursday night (local time), whose unusual design quickly attracted the attention of Internet users, who filled the Network with several jokes and memes

Musk showed the new truck during the event, which took place near the SpaceX rocket factory, in the US city of Hawthorne (California).

The company would not have chosen that date by accident: Musk in early November made reference in a tweet to the science fiction film ‘Blade Runner’, whose story takes place in November 2019.

Earlier, Musk said about the exterior of the truck that his design is “really futuristic cyberpunk, like “Blade Runner”.

“I swear I drew this in kindergarten,” one user joked.

“I will tell my children that this is Tesla’s new Cybertruck,” wrote another Internet user.

It should be noted that during the presentation there was also an awkward moment, after the “armored glass” of the Cybertruck was broken during the demonstration.

Musk was on stage at the time and was confused.

This incident also did not go unnoticed by users.

Check out the hilarious Tweets below:



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