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Man Eats Dog Food for 30 Days to Prove it is Good for Humans [VIDEO]

Mitch Felderhoff, a man originally from the state of Texas, who in recent days has provided something to talk about throughout the United States.

For 30 days this man was fed only dog food, all to affirm that this his brand’s dog food is so good that even human beings can consume it.

But do not believe that Felderhoff did not do this for the sake of it, in fact the rare experiment was created because he owns a company called Muenster Milling Co, dedicated to manufacturing pet food.

That is why, to make the owners see the faithful commitment he has with his dogs and what they consume, this man decided to record the entire 30 day process to share his experience eating the dog food.

“For two years, I played with the idea of ​​eating our dog food for a month. Not only as a little publicity, I want people to know that we are so passionate about what we do, that we will do everything we can to make sure we provide the best possible food for your dog, so much that we will even eat it ourselves,” says Mitch Felderhoff in a blog of the company where he is the president of sales.

In the first video that Mitch uploaded to his YouTube account, the guy recounts what it is like to eat food for dogs made with chicken, beef, elk and venison, all for a full month.

Although this test is over – began on January 3 and ended on February 2 – Mitch’s feat not only left him 15 kilos less, but also helped him with a lot of publicity.

After the experiment, he has not only been invited to television and radio programs, but with the experiment he was able to help 30 homeless puppies, one of the purposes he had in mind with the media campaign he formed.


Watch the video down below:


Source: Sopitas

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