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Miners unearth largest diamond in the planet near North America

Miners unearth largest diamond in the planet near North America

A Canada-based mining firm named Dominion Diamond Mines recently discovered the largest ever-known natural diamond located in the North American region. Tagged to be exactly at 552 Carats, this stone measuring 33.74mm x 54.56mm was dug out from the Diavik mine by the company Dominion.

This is the very same mine that laid ground to the discovery of a Diavik Foxfire Diamond of 187.7 Carats. It was the largest in the world until the discovery of this latest one pushing it to the 2nd position. The next step for Dominion Diamond Mines is to look for a right partner that will help polish and cut this extra precious and ultra-rare stone without destroying it. The stone shall be sectioned into several smaller segments to attract a rather record-breaking price during the sales practice.

The diamond obtained from the dugout is yellow in color which was located about 135 miles towards the southern side of Arctic Circle. As stated by reports, the largest gemstones are generally excavated from the South African mines but the discovery of this massive piece up north, opens up a whole new chapter.

The diamond was similar to a chicken egg’s size.

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