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Nataly Correa, The Rugby Player who Faces the Coronavirus on the Streets as a FAP Non-Commissioned Officer

“In sport you face a rival and you know him, in war too, but today we face an invisible enemy,” says ‘Naty’. She has left the training routine to be on the curfew days and nights, serving the country.

The sport is in her blood because she has practiced athletics, soccer and volleyball in Suyo, Piura, near the border with Ecuador since she was a child and adolescent.

When she turned 16, she came to Piura, worked two years and enlisted in the FAP volunteer service, and came to Lima to apply to the FAP NCO School where she graduated and met and practiced her love of rugby.

Did you always want to be a military man and an athlete?

In Piura I have carried the Olympic torch in my College, I came to Lima, I practiced modern pentathlon, I was in the NCO school and I was encouraged by rugby.

I have been shortlisted, then selected where we won the medal at the Bolivarianos de Santa Marta 2017, then we participated in the Pan American Games Lima 2019 and after the Pan American we won an international tournament in Uruguay where we won first place beating Chile, Paraguay and Venezuela.

As a piurana, coming from a place near the border with Ecuador, were you alone in Lima?

So is. My town is passing Ayabaca. 4 hours from Piura. Before it was a trail, now there is a clue.

When I arrived in Piura I wanted to be a police officer, but I had no resources and I volunteered for the FAP, then I came to Lima, I was admitted to the NCO school.

It didn’t come out. Then I got together with a friend and we rented a room. I have 8 brothers, all of them athletes.

Do you miss training today?

I don’t train as it should be, but in the barracks I make a space and do the basic exercises. Nothing like training on a court, with your teammates and friends of the national team.

It is priceless, but you have to understand that today the country is calling you to serve because for these moments you are ready.

How and when do you go out on the streets to patrol?

We went out a mixed patrol of 15 people, we intervened cars, to the people who take to the streets without any reason. I have been to Miraflores and San Borja and also to curfew.

You imagined such a situation…

Never. Never faced a pandemic. But we are prepared for this. Today we have shifts from 1 in the afternoon to 7 at night or early in the morning.

Are you not afraid of being in the first line of action?

Of course. We are the first to intervene with many people. Today we face an invisible rival, but I am a very believer in our Lord God and we are going to get out of this together.

Do you feel that people support? How do they behave?

Many do know and become aware and applaud the actions we take. But there are many spoiled ones who do not respect.

What excuses have you heard from people on the streets?

I’m going to walk my dog, that they don’t listen to the military, that I need air to breathe, that they don’t want to be locked up, that they need to stretch their legs.

We have sent six people to the police station when I have been held in a position. I do not believe in anyone, I have a family and they know that they must comply with the laws.







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