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OnePlus 7 will not come with the wireless charging feature

OnePlus 7 will not come with the wireless charging feature

One of the most anticipated smartphones, the yet-to-be launched OnePlus 7, will feature upgraded camera optics and latest processor. However, the device will not have one thing- wireless charging.

OnePlus smartphones are well-known among the audience for incorporating the most recent features, which are found in high-end devices such as Samsung’s Galaxy S10 series, and are still priced at lower costs. However, one feature which OnePlus still continues to exclude from its range of devices is the ability to charge the phone quickly using a wireless charging pad. Pete Lau, CEO, OnePlus still feels that it is not worth it to add the feature to the OnePlus devices.

During an interview at the Mobile World Congress 2019 event on Monday, Lau said that the charging power among OnePlus devices is one of the best and that wireless charging is not an ideal option and is inferior.

Notably, wireless charging went on to gain a lot of popularity since the time Apple introduced the feature in its iPhone 8, 8Plus and iPhone X back in the year 2017.

Well, going by Lau’s comment on the wireless charging feature, it sure looks like the OnePlus fans will unfortunately continue to have one of the major features missing from their list of an ideal OnePlus handset.

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