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She Filmed Them Passing a Ferrari and They End up Crashing [VIDEO]

“We will move on to the Ferrari,” the girl recording said excitedly, and seconds later the car in which she was traveling in was spinning on the road.

In the Argentine province of Santa Fe, the occupants of a car suffered an accident while filming a Ferrari sports car that was driving along the same road.

“We will pass the Ferrari,” the lady said, and next thing she knew, the car she was in started to crash.

The young woman who recorded the video related to the ElDoce.tv channel that her father, the driver, lost control after the Ferrari, a large-capacity car, moved to the same lane in which they were driving, brushing the front of their vehicle

He also explained that his 8-year-old daughter and mother were traveling in the car, who were trapped in the vehicle and had to be hospitalized for some injuries. The other members were unharmed and were assisted by those who stopped on the road until emergency services arrived.

The woman indicated that the Ferrari driver fled and has already made the corresponding complaint. “Hopefully justice is done and this man does not drive on any route in Argentina or the world,” she said.

According to local press, it is not the first time that the wrecked car – a Renault Sandero Stepway – has been involved in a traffic accident.

Watch the viral video down below!


Source: ActualdiadRT

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