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This is How Jeff Bezos, Owner of Amazon and the Richest Man in the World Began

Jeff Bezos, owner of Amazon and currently considered the richest man in the world, has become the ultimate example for every entrepreneur due to the impressive history of his rise to glory thanks to the great idea on which he founded the site Internet shopping most famous in the world.

Tuiero Pomp recently shared an impressive image of what is today the richest man on earth, but showing him in his origins, humble origins.

History tells us that 20 years ago, in 1999, Bezos hung the name of his company on graphite paper next to his desk, made of what appears to be the remains of a building under construction.

The set seems to belong to a post-apocalyptic game.

The image comes from a documentary from the United States that was released for television in 1999.

Seeing it now serves as an exercise to gain a perspective on how the beginnings of this empire of online sales and its emperor were.

In the images of the documentary, the presenter is surprised to be invited to the headquarters of Amazon, when in the area where he walks to get there he sees nothing but pawn shops and pornography stores.

Upon arriving at a park he meets a group of heroin addicts.

When the presenter crosses the doors of the building, he faces himself against some decadent offices.

Upon entering the office we can finally contemplate the exact moment of the image that has now gone viral on social networks.

The interview he has with Bezos is fascinating; In it, the young businessman wears a simple blue shirt and khaki pants, typical of nerd. His car is a Honda Accord.

When the presenter asks the now tycoon on his desk, the very intelligent entrepreneur responds: “It is a symbol, my way of saying that you just have to spend money on things that matter to customers.”


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