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This Startup Analyzes your Email to Give You a Job

Digital Minds proposes a talent acquisition system, based on the processing of email texts with the help of artificial intelligence (AI), with which they profile and value candidates.

The use of artificial intelligence to profile and assess candidates for a job after analyzing the texts of their emails surprises since it surpasses all the technology applied to the hiring of new employees.

“We combine the existing functions of Google’s email APIs with Watson’s artificial intelligence. Our service is only a final solution developed to unite them”, explains Juho Toivola, psychologist and co-founder of Digital Minds.

The fear that the salary depends on our activity on social networks or what we write in an email seems more imminent with this startup.

Like it or not, we leave a fingerprint when surfing the internet. Debate quite different is whether our privacy is to be exposed to apply for a job.

The European Data Protection Regulation should suffice.

Digital Minds maintains that its purpose is not to read personal emails, but to use this existing data to complete an evaluation of a candidate.

The crisis has left so many wounds without restoring in the labor market that technology has found some gaps to flirt with certain limits.

To what extent are we willing to consent to the use of our private information to achieve a job?



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