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UN Call; Demand Dialogue for Peace

The United Nations mission in Bolivia called on the government and the opposition to negotiate to recover peace.

“The United Nations expresses its deep dismay and outrage at the high levels of violence recorded yesterday (Wednesday) and requires the National Police, the Public Ministry and the Judicial Branch to investigate, prosecute and punish as soon as possible the responsible persons”, The United Nations Information Center in Bolivia said in a statement.

The international organization called after the death toll rose to three after clashes in the city of Cochabamba last Wednesday.

In addition, the balance was 90 injured during clashes between followers and opponents of President Evo Morales.

The Catholic Church joined the request of the UN.

The archbishop of Santa Cruz, Sergio Gualberti, urged the parties to “bet on dialogue and consultation to seek peaceful solutions.”

The protests began after the October 20 elections, in which Morales won a victory that is in doubt.




Source: Excelsior

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