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Vox Supporter Burns his Barça Shirts: “A Shitty Independence Burns”

Joaquín Ibarra, a fan of FC Barcelona and who presents himself as “the president of VOX in Cazalilla“, a small town in the province of Jaén, has gone viral in recent hours thanks to a video uploaded to his Facebook account.

In these images he is seen burning his collection of shirts that until now was his team, while talking about what is happening in recent dates in Catalonia.

Joaquín is engraved with a flag of Spain with the Francoist eagle and wants to become a spokesman for its neighbors:

“I am president of VOX de Cazalilla and I want to represent all the Spaniards of Cazalilla.”

“I am ashamed to be from a club like that (for Barcelona), I have been the biggest supporter in this town of that team, but I am ashamed to call it a team. But you will see what I do with this team, because they are not Spanish.”

Joaquin also wants to explain his flag, but then he changes his mind: “Even if you see me with the chicken flag, I am Spanish, I am not Franco… Well yes, I am from Franco. But this is crowds; what they are doing with us, paying us our taxes for these people. Give them for … ”

Joaquin continues with his speech and explains that “I don’t put a shield against the best country in the world and we have to fight for it.”

At that moment, he burned several Barca shirts, some with the name of Messi on his back, and then he continued speaking:

“So you can see what an amateur does, a Spaniard. This doesn’t matter anymore, what matters is Spain and the Spaniards, that we have work and money all over the world to live, and not the shit that they bring us.”

Joaquín ends up posing behind the bonfire with his flag and saying:

“VOX up, because that’s why I’m the president of Cazalilla’s VOX. Look how it burns, not the players, burns a shitty independence, here in Cazalilla. We’re a Spanish team and who doesn’t like it, let him go to the…”

In the last national elections held last May, VOX won a total of 46 votes in Cazalilla, 8.88 percent of the total, ahead of Podemos, in a town where the PSOE won with 55 percent of the votes received. Your video has gone viral and has been shared thousands of times on social networks.

Watch the Facebook video down below!


Source: Elconfidencial


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